How to Use Aloe Vera for Hair?

  • Posted on: 4 February 2016
  • By: admin

Do you have ever thought like that your hairs are not glossy, strong and healthy as compared to the ones shown in television commercials? And do you silently wish for same strength and shine as those models showing off their hair? Certainly, you too can have hair like those models and without investing huge amount for buying expensive products available in the markets. You can go all natural for having such beautiful hair.

The plant of Aloe Vera is actually one in all kind of remedy for all types of hair issues. It can easily nourish, clean and give protection to your hair to make them glow and shine and protects from damage. So beside health and skin care regular usage of Aloe Vera can help in regaining the beauty of your hairs all naturally.

There are many products available in the market that claim to protect you hair and will help in combating hair loss etc. in a matter of few days. If you have noticed or not one of the main ingredients used in such products is “Aloe Vera”, and it’s undoubtedly better to use this ingredient alone rather than spending on expensive products. Whereas, those products which are cheaper in price will not result in solving your hair problems and due to chemicals etc. will damage your hair more.

It’s always better to use natural remedies and when it comes to usage of cosmetics that have Aloe Vera in it, it is quite better to use the extracts of it as a treatment for you. So, do not hunt for Aloe Vera products. Collect leaves of Aloe Vera from your backyard, garden etc. and treat you hair naturally because Aloe Vera have a numbers of uses for different uses that everyone faces.

For your hair treatment it is feasible to make Aloe Vera conditioner at your home. You can do this by obtaining its gel by extracting from the Aloe Vera leaves or sap.

Recipe for the Conditioner:
This is the simplest recipe all naturally made from Aloe Vera gel help in solving many hair problems that you are facing.

Ingredients for Conditioner:
Water 4oz.
Aloe Vera gel 4oz.
Essential oil (choose what you already use) 4oz.

Method for Conditioner:
Mix Aloe Vera and water in a bowl with the help of a spoon, after that, pour the chosen essential oil and stir the ingredients well. Pour the mixture into a sray bottle so that you would be able to use it whenever you find you hair are unmanageable.

Aloe Vera gel is light when you use it on the hair; you won’t feel any weigh on your head by its usage like you sometimes feel with the application of other conditioners. Aloe Vera draws moisture from air and always keep them hydrated because it is a humectant.

This Aloe Vera serum/conditioner will help you in reducing the fizziness effect from your hair. You can also use it instead of a hair spray while styling your hair.

You might think that why is it so essential to use this homemade conditioner for your hair instead of the one you are already using. It is so because this constioner of Aloe Vera is natural and is free from all the chemicals that can damage your hair and make them unmanageable. Other benefits of this conditioner are as following:

-It helps in mantling the pH balance of your hair.
-It will help in locking the moisture in your hair and will keep them hydrated. It’s a kind of protection for your hair from the environment.
-It will also help in detangling your hair and will keep them smooth. You can use it before brushing your hair.
-It will also highlight your natural curls and will beautify them.
-this conditioner is good for all hair types even for those who have oily hair.
-It can also help you in getting rid of itchy scalp problems without any issues, all naturally and easily.
-You can use this serum any and every time without worrying because there are no side effects. Even you can carry it in a bottle on a trip etc.